New test at the German Museum

May 25, 2015

We are currently in the German Museum for the 5th test of our gesture control demo exhibition. Most of the technical problems seem to be solved right now. We are now looking forward to the open beta phase so we can test the autonomous operation of the installation.


Parrots On IoT Developer Day

April 19, 2015

On the 16th of April we held our talk about gesture control using different 3D camera systems like the Intel Real Sense, Leap Motion, and Kinect v2 at the IoT Developer Day in Utrecht, Netherlands. About 100 people were visiting our presentation. The attendees were really impressed with what you can do with gesture cameras.

We demoed many showcases like the LeapMotion synthesizer, our drone showcase and our newest game “Parrots On Target”. The talk was recorded so we hope that we can post a YouTube link to the video soon.

ParrotsOn JavaLand Conference

April 1, 2015

Last week we’ve attented the JavaLand Conference in the  theme park Phantasialand in Brühl near Cologne. We’ve demonstrated our showcases at the “Java Innovation Lab” starting from flying drones with bare hands up to our very new web based Intel RealSense HTML5 game “Parrots On Target”.

TNG Technology Consulting GmbH – the company we are working for as Software Consultants – was supporting us in doing this. We also showed another really cool showcase which was built during the so called “TNG Winterretreat”. This TNG showcase is about an Oculus Rift DK2 enhanced with two cameras to build an “Augmented Rift”. The idea is to view the real world through the Oculus Rift DK2 enhanced by Augmented Reality elements. The Terminator vision is real!

ParrotsOn JavaLand 2015

Release of an article in the technical magazine “Java Aktuell”

March 10, 2015

We wrote an article for the German technical magazine “Java Aktuell“. [1] The article is about gesture control, native interface devices and new developments in the field of 3D cameras. We are having a look back in history showing the evolution of gesture control starting from the year 1990 while analyzing advantages and disadvantages of the different 3D camera technologies. Furthermore we wrote about the state of the art with some C# and Java code examples and different fields of application as well. If you don’t have the current issue at hand you can read the publication here in PDF format. The whole article was published on the Intel Developer Zone too.

[1] Förtsch, M.; Endres, T. (2015). “Gestensteuerung und die nächste Welle der 3D-Kameras”. Java Aktuell 02/2015 (2015): 30-34. Print.

Java Aktuell 02-2015

[1] Förtsch, M.; Endres, T. (2015). “Gestensteuerung und die nächste Welle der 3D-Kameras”. Java Aktuell 02-2015 (2015): 30-34. Print.

2nd test phase for Deutsches Museum München exhibiton project

March 6, 2015

After integrating all the electronic parts like the Arduino Uno Rev. 3 into the LEGO robot we went back to the Deutsches Museum München to test the whole installation for a second time. During our first test with museum visitors we recognized some unwanted behaviours with our gesture controlled robot:

  • People tried to control the robot using only one hand
    • The other hand was holding a jacket since it was winter
    • Maybe for them it was way more intuitive to use one hand only
    • Solution: Implement one hand gesture control
  • Connection problems with our XBee module
    • We had several issues when using a TCP connection
    • Solution: Send data about robot movements using UDP
  • The robot drifted off to the right
    • Electric motors can move at different speed when receiving the same voltage
    • Solution: Send different voltages to the electric motors for getting the same motor speed (“trimming”)

We still have to work on a final design for the showcase. Here you can see a short video demonstrating the exhibiton project.

Parrots On Target Video

February 21, 2015

Watch our new video about our new gesture controlled game “Parrots On Target” which is submitted for the Intel Realsense App Challenge (ambassador track). Enjoy!

Design for Deutsches Museum exhibition robot finalized by LEGO

February 18, 2015

Thanks to LEGO, professional Rene Hoffmeister and his team from 1000 Steine finished the final robot design. Due to our new hardware design using Arduino microcontrollers and the MotoMama motor shield we just needed more space and a little redesign was necessary.

Our plan is to integrate all electronics within the next two weeks into the LEGO robot and make a new test in the “Deutsches Museum München”.

As soon as possible we want to start a blog series which will published on the INTEL Blog too. There we want to describe how to realize such an project and how everything works in detail.

We would like to thank LEGO for sponsoring the design for the robot. Additionally we want to thank INTEL for sponsoring the whole hardware costs of this project. Please see the final design of the LEGO robot in the following pictures.



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