ParrotsOnJava at the Microsoft student technology conference

April 6, 2014

We were visiting the Microsoft student technology conference from the 3rd of April to the 4th of April. It was so inspiring. We were giving the keynote presentation for the second day of the conference at 10 am in the Lichthof. After that, we were flying drones with some participants. We got a lot of input, and I think some of these ideas will come to life soon.

A full-length video of our talk is currently available at the conference homepage. We will upload another version of it within the next days.

ParrotsOnJava at the Javaland conference

March 27, 2014

We were visiting the Javaland conference from the 25th of march to the 26th of march. It was a lot of fun. We were flying around with our bare hands controlled drones, showing people our cameras and our software. We also had a talk about gesture control titled “Perceptual computing and the next wave of native interface devices”.

Finally, we were interviewed on the nighthacking-stage by Stephen Chin. Although there are some problems with the audio, you can get a pretty good impression of our applications on the NightHacking website or just have a look at the video on YouTube posted by the Java-Channel.

Image at the Microsoft Student Technology Conference 2014 in Berlin

March 14, 2014 was invited to the Microsoft Student Technology Conference 2014 in Berlin at the 4th of april in their very new office building at “Under den Linden”. We will have a keynote talk about the new wave of native interface devices including some of our demo showcases. Of course we will show our Parrot AR.Drone demo and some of our gesture controlled games.

Furthermore we are part of the jury and we will choose the best software application where drones were used at the hackathon taking place on Thursday evening. Thomas and Martin will hand over the prizes to the winners too.

FlappyBird and the Kinect v2

March 9, 2014

Have you ever played FlappyBird? Although very simple, the game is pretty addictive. The only thing that’s missing is that you still have to press buttons instead of “flapping” with your arms.

Fortunately, these times are over now. We created a controller so you can play the game by waving your arms. Have a look at the video:

Here’s what happens inside:

  • A Chrome browser plugin changes the appearance of the HTML5 game homepage
  • The plugin contacts a C# websocket server
  • The websocket server sends control signals (simple JSON) to the browser
  • The server does what it does using a sophisticated facts system

“Battle of the drones” – A new Parrot AR.Drone game with gesture control

March 6, 2014

With our Intel “Pioneer Award” winning software “Parroteer” we’ve created a game with Parrot AR.Drones 2.0. The idea is to control the drones with gestures using a native interface device. The goal is to crash the opponents drone without falling off from the sky.

In “Part I” of our video we’re using the Creative Gesture Camera (known as Senz3D) and the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK (known as Real Sense or RealSense).

Kinect v2 drone showcase

January 29, 2014

These are our first two videos showing us controlling the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 with the Microsoft Kinect v2. We’ve implemented the software using our own facts system and the gesture control library $1. Have a look at the precise movements (and the fun we had controlling it). The two control algorithms shown here (human joystick and hand reference control) show you how versatile the new version of the Kinect really is.

Please notice: This is the development unit of the Kinect v2. It is not yet available, but will be released some time this year.

The Kinect v2 arrived

December 29, 2013

Finally, the Kinect developer preview arrived. We’re so excited and eager to try it out. Next stop will be to fly the drone using the Kinect. So stay tuned.


I have also finished working on a better Reveal.js leap motion plugin. The new version is much more precise and user-friendly than the original one. I will publish the plugin within the next few weeks.


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