ParrotsOn OOP Munich

January 29, 2015

Yesterday, we held our talk about gesture control and the next wave of 3D cameras at the OOP in Munich. Since we had a time slot of about 90 minutes, we could show a lot more demos and showcases than we normally did. So we presented a live demo with a volunteer steering the AR.Drone using the LeapMotion controller. The all-new Intel RealSense visualizer was also demonstrated for the first time, and we controlled a hardware synthesizer using 3D cameras. It was a lot of fun, and in the end, the organizers told us that – according to the surveys – our talk was awesome.

German Museum exhibition – First pictures of the robot

December 9, 2014

Have a look at the first version of the robot prototype for our German Museum exhibition project. This Lego model was created by the professional Lego builder René Hoffmeister and his colleagues from 1000 Steine. This is not the final version, but it is an exciting draft for what is to come within the next few weeks.

Parrots in London and Erlangen

November 25, 2014

Today, we held our talk about gesture control and the next wave of 3D cameras today at the Intel RealSense hackathon in London. We were also helping the participants when they had technical questions. We had lots of fun and got inspired with new ideas.

Parrots In London

Last week, we were also presenting our talk at the university job fair JobMaP in Erlangen.

ParrotsOn Intel – Our interview for Intel Corp.

November 21, 2014

A few weeks before when we where in San Francisco we had the opportunity to give an interview for Intel regarding our activities in the development of gesture controlled software and showcase demos. Read the full story here:

Presentation at the e-fellows IT Day

November 15, 2014

Yesterday, we held our talk about gesture control and the next wave of 3D cameras at the e-fellows IT Day for TNG Technology Consulting. We showed the students the possibilities of gesture control and presented lots of our demos and showcases. The listeners responded to it in a very positive way.

Test installation for the Deutsches Museum Munich

October 29, 2014

Last weekend, we were testing our car robot installation for the Deutsches Museum in Munich. It was a huge success. After building the installation on Saturday, people were able to drive around the cabinet on Sunday using gesture control only. We learned a lot about the difficulties they had with our control metaphors and we were also able to test the technical specifications in detail.


As one of the volunteers at the museum said: Normally, there are not a lot of people in the IT department, but with the new exhibition, it is all of a sudden very crowded.

We will keep on incrementing our showcase and test it a few more times before we “release” our first version early next year.

JavaOne conference talk

October 22, 2014

On the 28th of September we held our gesture control talk at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco. This huge event – and the Oracle Open World conference – was visited by thousands of people and attracted a lot of attention. We were able to present demos with the Intel Real Sense (also known as Creative Gesture Camera or Senz3D), Leap Motion, and Kinect v2 technologies. This was also our second presentation within the United States.

We are currently working on the exhibition project for the Deutsches Museum München. Within the next few days, we will provide another blog post concerning updates to this topic.


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