FireP4j 0.9b released

I’m proud to announce that FireP4j 0.9b has been released today.

  • You can get it at GitHub or as a ZIP file.
  • Here you will find the GroovyDoc documentation for the project.
  • A forum concerned with FireP4j purposes can be found here.
  • A simple Java servlet example project can be found here (a Java EE dynamic web project). For a Grails example, please consult the tutorial.

FireP4j is a library for the JVM which allows you to log to the FireBug console. Doing so, you can see the log output within the browser.
Look at the Tutorial to see how FireP4j works. Go to the links page to see the GitHub, GroovyDoc and forum links posted above.

Using FireP4j, one can easily log to the console without writing to the HTML output directly (where the log entry will probably be overseen) or to log files (easily reaching 10000 lines+).

Some of the advantages of direct logging are:

  • You can directly see logged output within the browser window
  • The output doesn’t mess up your HTML
  • The output isn’t hidden in some log file deep within your folders

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