Some video footage on the .NET AR drone control app

Here is a new video showing the .NET drone control in action. I’ll explain some features, start the drone, fly around a bit and land it again:

A video showing a flight with the AR drone:

Some new features that have been integrated into the app:
– Input devices can now be used to configure their behaviour – so if you want to take off using Button 4, just press Button 4 in the input dialog
– DirectX input devices are now plug and play – so just plug them in while the app is running and it’ll configure itself
– Video and screenshot capture functionality has been integrated
– The window can now be sized – so the display area can get bigger on smaller screens
– Aviation controls have been added to GUI

3 Responses to Some video footage on the .NET AR drone control app

  1. AFAIK, the accelerometer data was not working when I tried to build it in. I’ve not dealt with this topic for a long time now, but I think that I couldn’t figure out how to get values.

    If you get values, let me know.

  2. Alessandro says:

    I would like to retrieve accelerometer data from Ar Drone with the C# SDK developed by you but I’m stuck in it.
    I’m trying to modifiy the NavigationDataRetriever.cs class but it’s seem the wrong way. Do you have some suggestions?



  3. 14 minutes of fame left …

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