Binary release

Great news!

Parrot just gave us the permission to release a binary distribution of the AR Drone Control library. And here it is:
AR Drone Control App

(We are not responsible for any injury, accident, or fly-away incidents that occur while using the application)

You need the .NET 4 runtime in order to run the application.

Anyway, we still have to wait until we can release the API itself. There is still no go from Parrot here.

The initial file was corrupted, so I uploaded a new one. This one should work.

20 Responses to Binary release

  1. Hi Dirk,

    Maybe your issue is similar to the Windows XP issue that I had to deal with today. Could you try the Windows XP binary release I’ll publish in a few minutes?

  2. Since the problem does not seem to be trivial, the next step would be to debug the application … I don’t know what causes the problem, so we’d have to look in code where the problem is.

    For this, you have to install the express installation of Visual Studio 2010 and follow the install instructions on GitHub.

  3. diRk says:

    I tried to ping the drone and it works.the ip is still
    sorry, but the problem is anything else…

  4. The app does not seem to connect, for the take off and other buttons are still disabled.

    The program is currently hard coded to the drone IP Could you ping this IP when connected to it? Maybe it has shifted and this causes the problem.

  5. diRk says:

    I think there is no connection etablished.
    the video doesn’t start, its pissible to check all the boxes without freezes of the app..

    look at this i made a screenvideo:

  6. There are no other dependencies other than:
    – DirectX
    – .NET runtime 4

    But if there were problems with them, there would have been an error earlier, when starting the program.

    Is it just the video that doesn’t start … does the take off button work? Can you click the take off button or is it disabled? Does the window freeze?

  7. diRk says:

    yes of course,the drone is connected to my laptop, then i start the programm an press startup…but nothing happens.
    no erros or something like this, just nothing.

    when I start the win32 sdk demo the drone will be recognized, for this reason i think the failure is in your programm or by missing software on my machine.

  8. Have you connected to the drone network before pressing the startup button?

    The app doesn’t connect automatically yet.

  9. diRk says:

    the same problem again.
    Everything looks okay, but nothing happens by pressing startup button.
    Im not a it-specialist,so i can’t say where the problem is.

    The compiled win32 sdk demo from another forum runs without problems.

    Any ideas for software that i should install, to use your application?


  10. The link provided in this post is an old link. Please use the one above.

    I hope that this will solve your problems. If it doesn’t, please let me know.

  11. diRk says:

    the new updated binary doesn’t work for me.
    The programm comes up, but by pressing startup, nothing happens.

    the win32 sdk demo runs great on my system.

    do i need any special software installed?



  12. Meanwhile, have you tried the new version? The initial version did not work, but this one worked on two Windows 7 computers.

  13. We are currently working on releasing the code … we still have to include legal comments and stuff like that … expect a source code release until Tuesday.

  14. Ya Frenk says:

    Parrot have published AR.Drone Development License v2, can you publish source code now?
    I have the same problem of Chida and I would like to solve it.

  15. I had a look at it and it turned out that a library was corrupted. I uploaded the new version.

  16. Chida says:

    If you want I can send you the video screen of what happens.
    You have my email to contact me.
    I know the problems for the release of the source, but if you can send me , I’m debuging. I have no libraries installed Parrots

  17. OK, I’ll need another Windows 7 computer / VM to verify the problem …

    I’ll give you a quick update by tomorrow evening.

  18. Chida says:

    – .NET 4 runtime
    – Windows SDK

    yes, I’m programing in Silverlight and with .net 4

  19. Hmm, maybe some library is missing on your system …
    I’ll have a look at it tomorrow.

    An initial guess: do you have the following programs installed?
    – .NET 4 runtime
    – Windows SDK

  20. Chida says:

    Sorry, but after unzip and click on ARDrone.UI.exe the program crash on splash screen.
    I have W7 and visual studio.
    The debuger say that a problem is on ARDrone.UI.MainWindow.

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