Some bug fixes

A new version of the Drone Control has been released. It includes:
– The updated JNI bridge projects
– Some bug fixes for the WiiMote
– LED animations for the Windows Forms project (thanks to miguelbarros for his great work!)

There is also a new binary out there. You can find it here (it also includes the LED animations located in the Forms project).

9 Responses to Some bug fixes

  1. You’ll have to set ARDroneUI_WPF as your start project.

  2. Majid says:

    Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for all your efforts for this project. I downloaded this version of the Drone Control (which contains the bug fixes), and I am trying to run it from my laptop (Thinkpad) using a trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010.

    I really would have preferred using Visual Studio 2008, since I have the professional version, but I see that the project simply does not open when I use Visual Studio 2008.

    I was able to successfully build the Solution, but when I run it (Start without Debugging), Visual Studio 2010 throws an error message:

    Unable to start program ‘\ARDrone\bin\Debug\ARDroneAPI\ARDroneAPI.lib’.

    However, I do see that the .lib file exists in the folder. I am sure I’m missing something elementary, but could this possibly be happening because of the trial version of VS 2010 that I am using?

  3. Narango says:

    You probably have the firmware 1.1.3 or 1.3.3 in your drone.

  4. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find an obvious error. Several drones seem to have the same problem, but mine doesn’t. So have a look at my latest post.
    Maybe someone who faces this problem can find the error.

  5. NarangO says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I detect that the software don´t receive information of battery, pitch, yaw, roll, etc with 1.4.6 & 1.4.7 of AR.Drone firmware version but you can fly correctly. The video receive it is ok.

    Can you help me about this mistake?

  6. Hi RabidParr0t,

    Thanks a lot. The LED animations are still some kind of problem, as they seem a bit deferred.
    The battery state seems to be a problem for some people. If you could investigate this, it would be of great help. My drone (and Steve’s and Julien’s drone as well) have always sent me this kind of data …

  7. RabidParr0t says:

    Hi Thomas –

    Thanks for all the work on this. I’m not an app dev, so I think it might be worth sharing with your other readers what I had to do to get it working.

    1st: I did /not/ need to recompile or rebuild the app.
    2nd: VS 2010 Express editions don’t like the entire project. VS 2010 Expr C++ read half, and C# read the other half. Neither wanted to work together.
    3rd: I only installed the Win7 SDK and VS 2010 Express C# and C++. This was enough to get ARDroneUI working. Prior to this, the app would launch but wouldn’t connect to the drone, and selecting options would either do nothing or crash.

    There are still some hangups I’m facing – it won’t receive battery info, and the light commands seem to be off a bit (blink_green actually blinks red, red_snake blinks green, etc.) but that may be resolved by doing some more work with VS. I’m not sure. Either way, for those looking to get up and running quickly, these are all the steps I took.

    For reference, I’m running Win7 Ultimate 32bit.

    Thanks again for the time you’ve put on this – imho your app is way better to use than the iphone/ipad apps. Cheers.

  8. For the front and bottom camera to be shown simultaneously, you’ll need to update the ARDroneDLL. Currently, there are ChangeToBottomCamera() and ChangeToFrontCamera() which use the variables ZAP_CHANNEL_HORI and ZAP_CHANNEL_VERT. There are also two other variables for picture in picture support (ZAP_CHANNEL_LARGE_HORI_SMALL_VERT as well as ZAP_CHANNEL_LARGE_VERT_SMALL_HORI), which display both camera images at the same time.

    If the call to GetAltitude() did not work, the only thing that you can do to check the info output are console prints in the ARDroneDLL library. You can retrieve the camera picture and all the other commands work, so I cannot really tell you why there are problems with some of the functions … I’m afraid you’ll have to dig deeper

  9. Bourgo says:

    Thanks,I tried new one.
    The LED animation and other command works fine,but infos are still can not receive both your binary and Dlls from my projects.

    By the way, I could you tell me how to obtain front and bottom cam pics simultaneously? I can change cam.


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