ARDroneControl .NET 1.1.0 released

Finally, the new version of the drone control library has been released.

It is available as a binary here.
Or you can download the source code from GitHub.

There are tons of new features:

  • The backend has been completely rebuilt and is now based on C# only
  • The backend should support firmware 1.3.3 as well as 1.5.1 (you can choose which version to use)
  • The input dialog has been refined, easing input configuration
  • You can now control your drone using speech input – it can also be configured using the input config dialog
  • The drone now automatically connects to the drone WiFi network
  • A first version of the detection project is also available – this project can detect markers on the ground
  • The drone connection parameters (drone IP address, etc.) can be configured from within the application
  • The internal drone configuration can be displayed from within the application
  • All AT commands (with the exception of the drone animation commands) have been implemented
  • Tons of other small changes have been introduced …

To make all this happen, I reengineered the drone control library provided by Parrot as well as Wilke Jansoone’s C# library. The only class I reused is the VideoImage class for retrieving the current camera image. All the other classes were written from scratch. Special thanks go out to Parrot and Wilke for their wonderful work.

Some of the old projects were removed from the ARDrone project.

  • You won’t find any C++ or Java projects in there, anymore. If you are interested in these projects, please check out the new repository located here.
  • Other projects were completely deleted since they were not important for the project. If you want to work with these projects, please check out an old version of the library.


  • The new version of the drone library hasn’t been tested excessively, by now. If you notice a bug, please post it via the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Firmware version 1.5.1 hasn’t been tested by now since I have not installed it yet. I implemented the changes consulting the developer guide. If you notice any problems, please let me know.

Have fun with the all new ARDroneControl 1.1.0. I hope you enjoy it.

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