ARDroneControl 1.2.0

The new version is finally here.

You can download the binaries from here.
The GitHub page contains the source code, as usual.

Here is a short list of bug fixes:

  • Support for all firmware versions (beginning from 1.3.1 to 1.7.11)
  • For some drones, the drone configuration was not determined correctly. This is fixed now.
  • Bugfixes for the video recording and snapshot functionality
  • There will be no more network errors when your drone is currently not connected to any network.
  • There will be a specific error message when your network adapter is disabled
  • The software will by default choose the correct firmware version from the drone configuration. Nevertheless, you can also specify another version, if you wish to.
  • Starting with a push from one of the other committers, the drone did not react to flight commands, any more. This is fixed again.

If there are still bugs, you can report them to me as usual via the GitHub issue tracker.

Have fun!

19 Responses to ARDroneControl 1.2.0

  1. There is some project that uses ARDroneControl.NET as a base and builds on that for controlling the drone with a Kinect. Our new version (which supports the Kinect v2) uses a different approach. It determines the body movement and sends the movement data via socket to the Parroteer application (a Java application which can be found in our GitHub repository). So the answer is yes and no 🙂

  2. Hi, I’d like to use this Ar Drone.NET connecting with Microsoft Kinect. Do you made a project about this?

  3. ffej says:

    Welcome to the year, 2013 other posts! The ARDrone 2.0 has been out for a little over a year now and there hasn’t been significant interest–it seems–in mods or sdks for the Windows OS. I’ve been using an excellent bit of work for Ubuntu 12.04ltr and love the ability of using a PS3 Sixaxis to fly; however, the GUI isn’t as awesome as yours guys’ here. But, as you know the 2.0 uses a different video decoder than its predecessor. Have you any insight into how to compile something within your already existing AR-Drone in order to get the live video feed going? it flies the bird damn well, and I can use CV Drone for the video simultaneously (but that gets sticky and tricky fast) and AR-D.n for the avionics…if only we could somehow combine the two!

  4. This is an issue related to the ARDrone 2. The video is not working since version 2 uses a different image processing algorithm. Implementing it would be a pretty big task. If you want to do so, feel free 🙂

  5. jay says:

    This is excellent project! Thanks guys.
    Got the project working, well almost. The video feed from the drone is not shown. I’m using ar drone 2.0, so I suspect the reason is that the drone is now using tcp instead of udp. Is there anyone working on this? Otherwise I’m going to dig in myself;-)

  6. IIVII says:

    Thomas ,

    first of all i would like to thank you for this awesome app , if it wasn’t for ARDroneControl i wouldn’t have bought the v1 drone , i’ve been using the the old version 1.0.1 for a while and i love .. unfortunatly whenever i try to open the new release 1.2.0 the app starts up then within a second an error apears (ARDroneUI WPF has stopped working) then it shuts off .

    please take a look at my screenshot on the link below . hopefully it’s an easy fix 🙂

    Thanks again ..

  7. You should have DirectX installed and the Windows SDK if unless you are using Windows 7 (if so, you don’t need anything particular). Then, just try to start the application.

  8. lasse says:

    Hey what programs do i need to install befor even can get it going 🙂 dont know a thing about it xD

  9. Just search for the IP address used now (which is and replace it with in the code.

  10. james says:

    first of all i would love to say that its a great effort!!
    i just had a little query … i am using the drone in client mode… it is connecting to an AP .. now the drone ip address is static which is …. default gateway of AP is… my computer ip is … what changes do i have to do to make it connect ???

  11. This is a weird error. You’re not the only one having these problems, but I simply cannot reproduce them. Which OS do you use? Have you installed .NET 4. You could also try to install the Windows SDK.

  12. Lang says:

    I like to use this app, but everytime I try start program it crash. Net framework 4 is installed. Windows 7 logs problem “CLR20r3, P1: ardrone.ui.exe P2: P3: 4f01a693 P4: ARDrone.Control P5: P6: 4f01a690 P7: 98 P8: f P9: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParse P10:”

    Any help to get program working? Thanks 🙂

  13. This limitation is imposed by the drone. There is a switch in the drone configuration to turn it off, but I haven’t integrated this switch into my library, by now. If you want to turn it off, you could do it by using the iPhone/iPad software. I think that this is a global switch, so the flight height won’t be limited afterwards, anymore.

  14. David Asövo says:

    I have a question, how can i turn off the high limited from this SDK.
    my drone always automatic fly low, when i try fly high.


  15. Asovo says:

    you are the best!!

  16. You could use only the video port if you don’t want to change the camera image from front to bottom camera.

    If I’m not mistaking, I think that you should also be able to connect the navdata thread without the control thread.

    But be careful – the other application shouldn’t connect to either video nor navdata channel.

  17. Andrew Finegan says:

    Is there an easy way to have the video and navdata only. I did Miru’s mod to hook a rc reciever to my drone and it works awesome (3/4 mile range now) but when I connect a secondary Iphone to it to stream video, 1-3 times in 1 battery, I think the iphone app grabs control and sends my drone into auto ‘no control’ land mode. (basically holds its heading and lands , never giving me control back…)

    I was looking for a solution to have a small laptop recording video and flight data while I control it with the rc mod. But have no controls or configs sent to the drone, the laptop would only receive video and navdata.

    ( btw, when I run the rc mod by itself, it flies beautifully, so it has to be the iphone drone ace taking back control or flat out causing an error.

    I program for a living, so you can give me a hint on what to disable and Ill compile it myself – unless you have something quick I can play with. (since you know about the code more than I do – I just downloaded the sdk myself))

    Thanks for writing some very nice software for the drone!

  18. Thanks a lot 🙂

    The netcode hasn’t been changed till now, but if you get these exceptions again, please send me the stacktrace. I just don’t get them – we could argue about whether this is good or bad 😉

  19. Matevž says:

    Great work! Going through and looking at your code I feel like a real .NET noob…
    In the previous version I was getting some network exceptions after a few minutes and could not reconnect to drone until I restarted it. I hadn’t had time to test if this is still happening in the new version.

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