ARDrone and Leap Motion – A perfect team

New footage: Now, we can finally use the Leap Motion controller to control all directions (roll, pitch, yaw and height). Have a look at it:

After a long time, we started a small project combining the AR drone and the Leap Motion controller, yesterday. This has been the most interesting controller of all, so far. Flying the drone by moving your hands only is the most intuitive way to do it, I think. We had a lot of fun:

2 Responses to ARDrone and Leap Motion – A perfect team

  1. No, this was just a simple application written in Java, without using the video codec and all the complex logic of the ARDrone library. It was just a proof of concept, which works with both versions of the AR drone.
    We didn’t publish it by now, since we wrote it at work.

  2. Hans Jakob Bosshard says:

    Hi Thomas, this applications looks really fine! Congratulations! Did you realize it with the AR.Drone version 1 and .NET as your last application with the stop sign application? Is the code available?


    Hans Jakob

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