Microsoft presented at the Maker Faire Hannover 2014

Microsoft attented the Maker Faire Hannover 2014 and invited us to present some showcases with their very new Kinect v2. Microsoft itself has shown some demo showcases with the Intel Galileo board which should be an alternative to the well known Raspberry Pi. They were able to install a Windows 8 onto this Intel Galileo boards. presented very new demo showcases. Now they are able to control robots and cars using different 3D-camera systems. This makes it possible to let people (and especially children) control little cars and robots with their bodies and hands. This is really cool if we don’t have that much space to make our showcase where drones were controlled with bare hands.

We are still extending our portfolio of different showcases. After more than one year developing our gesture control software we want to start with developing some new real world video games which were controlled with bare hands. Stay tuned!

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