Microsoft STC 2014 Keynote talk on YouTube

This goes to all German speaking readers out there. You now have the chance to see one of our conference talks on YouTube. This Microsoft Keynote was held at the the Student Technology Conference on the 4th of April 2014. Please note that we’re updating our talk frequently since the amount of devices for gesture control is frequently increasing.

Within the time our library was extended with much more functionality. From now on we can control robots like the Thymio II, little iRacer cars or the Sphero Ball 2.0. For this we had to extend the library with Bluetooth compatibility among other things.

Furthermore will attend the Intel RealSense Challenge as so called “Ambassadors”, a special challenge track for teams which attended the last Perceptual Computing World Championship successfully. Stay tuned for our new ideas! Believe us, those ideas are really, really crazy!

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