Design for Deutsches Museum exhibition robot finalized by LEGO

Thanks to LEGO, professional Rene Hoffmeister and his team from 1000 Steine finished the final robot design. Due to our new hardware design using Arduino microcontrollers and the MotoMama motor shield we just needed more space and a little redesign was necessary.

Our plan is to integrate all electronics within the next two weeks into the LEGO robot and make a new test in the “Deutsches Museum München”.

As soon as possible we want to start a blog series which will published on the INTEL Blog too. There we want to describe how to realize such an project and how everything works in detail.

We would like to thank LEGO for sponsoring the design for the robot. Additionally we want to thank INTEL for sponsoring the whole hardware costs of this project. Please see the final design of the LEGO robot in the following pictures.


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