2nd test phase for Deutsches Museum München exhibition project

After integrating all the electronic parts like the Arduino Uno Rev. 3 into the LEGO robot we went back to the Deutsches Museum München to test the whole installation for a second time. During our first test with museum visitors we recognized some unwanted behaviours with our gesture controlled robot:

  • People tried to control the robot using only one hand
    • The other hand was holding a jacket since it was winter
    • Maybe for them it was way more intuitive to use one hand only
    • Solution: Implement one hand gesture control
  • Connection problems with our XBee module
    • We had several issues when using a TCP connection
    • Solution: Send data about robot movements using UDP
  • The robot drifted off to the right
    • Electric motors can move at different speed when receiving the same voltage
    • Solution: Send different voltages to the electric motors for getting the same motor speed (“trimming”)

We still have to work on a final design for the showcase. Here you can see a short video demonstrating the exhibiton project.

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