First pictures of the Intel RealSense R200 development kit

This week we’ve received an interesting package by Intel USA with the very new Intel RealSense F200 camera. We are really surpised how small the camera is. The camera is a longer range peripheral 3D camera, perfect for sensing the environment (for Windows and Android tablets, 2-in-1s, and more). The “R” in the cameras model name stands for “Rear” since it is best suitable using it while the camera is facing away from you (instead of the F200 camera which is facing frontally).

The camera has a range of 3-4 metres (inside a room) and a larger range out of doors. The key features of the camera are

  • 3D recording (faces, people, environment)
  • Depth camera
  • Face tracking and face recognition
  • Measuring in general

We are now waiting for the SDK to start our first projects with this tiny piece of high-tech.

Intel RealSense R200

Intel RealSense R200

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