Talks in San Francisco and Berlin, and a showcase in Munich

The next few weeks will be very busy for the ParrotsOnJava team. We will be talking at two conferences:
– Visit our talk about the TNG AugmentedRift at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco on October 28, 3 PM in the Hilton Ballroom 7/8/9
– Or visit our presentation at the CodeMotion in Berlin on the 3rd of November on Stage 3 (Kulturbrauerei – Maschinenhaus)

In the mean time, the hardware hacking team from TNG Technology Consulting will present our drone control and bird arcade shooter show case at the Push Conference in Munich on October 23-24. If you ever wanted to try our quadrocopter yourself, now is your chance.

After our tour, we will also continue with the Open Beta phase for our robot gesture control exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, so visit us in the Informatics department and control our robot using bare hands only. We will reinstall the project around November 7.

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