ParrotsOn Javaland and CeBIT

We’re in the middle of a conference marathon at the moment.

At the Javaland conference in the Phantasialand in Brühl near Cologne we had a booth, but were also present at the Javaland innovation lab. We held a talk about the TNG AugmentedRift and gave an interview for the virtual JUG at the Nighthacking Stage. You can watch our interview here.


At the CeBIT faire in Hannover we held our talk about the AugmentedRift at the heise Developer World. But we also had a Techlounge interview about the history of gesture control for MobileGeeks at the Intel booth. You can see the complete interview here.

Today (19.03.2016) we will give a talk at the online conference Virtual Reality with the best. Next week, we will be giving a presentation about Augmented Reality at the Nerd Nite in Munich. And in April, we will be present at the IoT Tech Day in Utrecht in the Netherlands.


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