Parrots On Nao World Congress

We are currently preparing for our first talk about the Avatar project within the United States. Next week we will speak at the Nao World Congress 2016. If you want to join us, our presentation will take place on Thursday, 13th of October, at 01:15 PM in the NERVE center, Lowell, MA.

Here is what we are going to speak about:

Using the NAO Humanoid robot, virtual reality glasses, and 3D camera sensors you can experience the world through the eyes of a Nao robot and control Nao via gestures. TNG Technology Consulting has built a telepresence robotics system based on this robot, an Oculus Rift and a Kinect One. The presentation will show how easy it is to program Nao using Python or Java. The speakers will share some insights about the challenges they faced during its implementation. The history of telepresence robotics, current trends, and examples for real world fields of application will also be a focus of the presentation.

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