Packing for the OOP conference

Next week we will be at the OOP conference in Munich ICM from Tuesday, 31st of January to Thursday, 2nd of February. It will be a pretty intense week. We are currently preparing for the buildup. There will be multiple occasions when you can talk to us and the other guys from TNG Technology Consulting.

  • We will have our biggest showcase yet demonstrating the last three years of showcase development done by us and our company at the OOP Maker Faire on Wednesday, 1st of February, 6 PM to 10 PM CET; there will be a total of 11 different showcases.
  • We will be at the Intel booth showcasing our Avatar telepresence robotics experience and some more showcases.
  • We will have a talk on Wednesday, 1st of February,9 AM CET in the track “Digital Transformation” concerning “Avatar – Telepräsenzrobotik mit Nao und Kinect“.

It will also be a premiere for our newest VR game “ParrotAttacks VR” – a virtual reality arcade bird shooter game. A blog post will follow soon. So make sure to stop by the Intel booth or visit the Maker Faire. We’re looking forward to seeing you.



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