Now in Realtime – Deepfakes 2.0 published by TNG

It has been quiet on our blog for a while. The reason for that is that we were working very hard on new awesome showcases. There was a mission we defined for our team:

“Make deepfakes work in realtime on video streams”

Deepfake is a technique for human face synthesis based on artificial intelligence. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos using a machine learning technique known as generative adversarial network.

Long story short – We did it!

The hardware hacking team of Unterföhring near Munich based IT consulting company TNG Technology Consulting GmbH wrote a new software based on DeepFaceLab.

The result is a software realizing Deepfakes in realtime, instead of postprocessing video sequences like in the original understanding of Deepfakes.

A person is filmed by an RGB webcam and the face will be replaced by someone else‘s face, e.g. Barack Obama, with the corresponding facial expression.

At this point in time we only want to show you a short sequence of our Deepfakes 2.0 implementation as our neural networks are still in training mode! Stay tuned!

For Deepfakes 2.0 a new conference talk was written as well. It was premiered at Big Techday 2019 in Munich, Germany.

If you are interested into Deepfakes 2.0 and want to invite us for giving a talk on that don’t hesitate to contact us!

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