ParrotsOn MuleSoft Connect and IoT TechDay

April 17, 2017

We are currently preparing for two of our next appearances including the Avatar Telepresence system using Nao and Kinect. This will be a first since we are using our demo at two places at the same time. We spent a lot of energy within the last few weeks in order to duplicate our showcase so that we can use it in two locations simultaneously.

The first one will take place at the IoT TechDay in Utrecht on 19th of April. Don’t miss the talk given by Thomas Endres and Thomas Reifenberger and see the Avatar in action. Visit our presentation from 11:30 to 12:15 in room “Polar”.

In parallel Florian Gather and Markus Spanier will showcase our Nao robot at the MuleSoft Connect conference in San Francisco. We will be there with our showcase at the welcome reception. Then we will have another appearance on 19th of April from noon to 13:30 at the developer lab and a third one on 20th of April from 16:30 to 17:30. There you can try the Avatar system for yourself.


Parrots on MobileTechCon and Javaland

March 12, 2017

We are currently preparing for two of our next talks about the Avatar Telepresence system using Nao and Kinect. The first one will take place at the Mobile Tech Conference in Munich on the 14th of March. Don’t miss us and see the Avatar in action. Visit our presentation from 10:00 to 11:00 in room “Forum 8”.

After that we will be at the Javaland Conference in Brühl near Cologne from the 28th to the 29th of March. We will give our telepresence there as well from 14:00 to 14:45 on Tuesday, 28th of March. Besides that, we will showcase five of our demos at the Javaland Innovation Lab. There you can try the Avatar system for yourself, but you can also see the world through the eyes of a Terminator using our AugmentedRift AR device. Besides that we will showcase some of our demos for the Microsoft Hololens mixed reality device. And you can try to shoot some parrots in our VR game “ParrotAttacks VR” – or with gestures via our gesture controlled browser game.

Hackathons in February

February 26, 2017

This February, we held two hackathons within the TNG premises. Both were held for e-fellows students as well as for IT professionals.

The first one on the 10th of February was about Intel IoT Hardware and IoT technology in general featuring teams using various sensors and actuators to control rovers, peer to peer networks, a.s.o.

The second one on the 25th of February was featuring Game Development using the Microsoft Hololens Mixed Reality device. People were building virtual pianos, Augmented Reality physics simulations, flower planting games, etc.

We had a lot of fun and enjoyed working with all those brilliant people. This was surely not the last hackathon that we organized.


Parrots On OOP conference 2017

February 26, 2017

The OOP Konferenz 2017 is over and we unpacked all our stuff again. It was really great! We were at the Intel booth, organized the OOP Maker Faire with more than eleven different showcases and had our talk. Thanks for joining us.


Packing for the OOP conference

January 28, 2017

Next week we will be at the OOP conference in Munich ICM from Tuesday, 31st of January to Thursday, 2nd of February. It will be a pretty intense week. We are currently preparing for the buildup. There will be multiple occasions when you can talk to us and the other guys from TNG Technology Consulting.

  • We will have our biggest showcase yet demonstrating the last three years of showcase development done by us and our company at the OOP Maker Faire on Wednesday, 1st of February, 6 PM to 10 PM CET; there will be a total of 11 different showcases.
  • We will be at the Intel booth showcasing our Avatar telepresence robotics experience and some more showcases.
  • We will have a talk on Wednesday, 1st of February,9 AM CET in the track “Digital Transformation” concerning “Avatar – Telepräsenzrobotik mit Nao und Kinect“.

It will also be a premiere for our newest VR game “ParrotAttacks VR” – a virtual reality arcade bird shooter game. A blog post will follow soon. So make sure to stop by the Intel booth or visit the Maker Faire. We’re looking forward to seeing you.



Parrots On VR with the Best

December 3, 2016

Tomorrow afternoon we will present our talk “Avatar – Telepresence robotics with Nao and Kinect” at the online conference VR with the Best. We’re looking forward to the talk and the additional one-to-one session after the presentation. If you want to participate, you can still register. Our talk will be at 5:20 PM CET (11:20 AM EDT).


Intel Top Software Innovator 2016

November 16, 2016

For the third time in a row Thomas Endres and Martin Förtsch were awarded with the Intel Top Software Innovator 2016 in Seattle at the Intel Software Innovator Summit. As Intel Top Software Innovator you have to train 1,000 software developers at minimum in a year.

On conferences like OOP, Heise Developer World at CeBIT, JavaLand and TNGs Technology Consulting Big TechDay (and many, many more) we trained more than 3,500 developers all over the world, mainly in Germany, the Untited States of America and the Netherlands.

Since our projects and visibility is continuously growing we don’t want to forget all the developers of the TNG hardware hacking team helping us to realize some of our ideas. Without them it would be hard to create awesome showcases all the time!

We don’t just build showcases, we create experiences.